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 ●Set Ass'y

 ●Function Test and Final Ass'y

 ●Packaging(Heat Sharink)

 ●Autosonic Melding Ass'y


     ●CHIP mount capability: ≧03015

     ●BGA & CSP mount capability:ball diameter≧0.2mm   ball distance≧0.3mm

     ●Minimun mount distance between components:≧8mil(0.2mm)

     ●Reflow oven setting with exhaust oxygen spectrometer.

  ●SMT Equipment:Lead free nitrogen air reflow oven(BTU、TAMURA)

  ●Production:1050 million CHIP / day(22hrs)


  ●Equipment:3 lines leed free Solder Oven,introduce completely lead free process

  ●FLUX Usage:Lead free and halogen free series

  ●Solder stick、Solder silk :Use(SAC305)series

  ●Production:50K line /day(8hrs)

○Test & Assembly & Packing

        ●According to products

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