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Ying Yi electronic co. Ltd maintains the quality guarantee and customer satisfaction. Prevision concept and brand-new technology create high function and added value products, initiate macroscopic international eyeshot for Taiwan electron industry.  In order to carry out enterprise modernization, Ying Yi stimulates quality management system and owns ISO9001 & ISO14001 international certificates.

Ying Yi strictly controls production flow to provide high quality and high requirement production service with advanced equipments and peak technology. High-effect production lines and outstanding technology makes Ying Yi become the most reliable electron company in brotherhood with profitability and speedy growth. To satisfied your high quality requirement is our target and our honor.

As digital technology era comes by, human requires the quality of life approaching more humanity. Ying Yi looks forward to servicing for the people and this is our target and aspiration.

No.6, Alley 60, Lane 507, Chueng-Shan RD., Taoyuan City, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel:886-3-2706688 / 886-3-2626123;Fax:886-3-2626200
Tel:03-2706688 / 03-2626123;Fax:03-2626200